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Bear Hunting | Your Field Guide to a Successful 2019

In our heyday of real estate sales we had a saying, “I’m going bear hunting.” This was analogous to chasing something really big. Wether it was a big client or a new business idea, “bear hunting” was our catch phrase. Unfortunately, we learned the hard way that sometimes the bear eats the hunter. After the market crashed, I traded in my bear hunting attire for a suit and tie. It was time to grow up and stop living with such […]

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You Don’t Need Mark Zuckerberg’s Money to Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever

A clever hoax, supposedly validated by Good Morning America, circulated on Facebook recently: Mark Zuckerberg, the thirty-one-year old billionaire founder of the social media giant was giving away a reported $45 billion dollars to users who copied and pasted a status sharing the news. Hundreds of thousands flocked to see if it was true. It wasn’t. But humor me (and yourself) for a minute. Suppose it was true. Suppose you were the beneficiary of a million-dollar windfall. How would your life […]

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What I learned from Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, and Jesus–Shaking Off the Dust

I’m a firm believer that wisdom is everywhere, waiting for us to find it–even among pop culture. It just takes perspective. For example, Jay-Z has taught me that I should get that dirt off my shoulder. Similarly, Taylor Swift encourages me to shake it off. Life has and will hand us countless situations that throw proverbial dirt all over us. Every single day there are situations and circumstances that threaten to dirty up any attempt at cleanliness. Too often we become shackled […]

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