5 Things I Learned From Starting a Business With My Son

In August of 2022, my then 11-year-old son, Matthew, came to me and said, “Dad, I want to get into sports cards.”“Like baseball cards?” I replied.“Yeah, I’ve been watching this guy on YouTube who turned a penny into a car and I think I can do it with cards.”“A car?” I’m not sure if my eye roll was audible, but my immediate response wasn’t favorable.Like every kid in the 80s and 90s, I had my fair share of cards. In […]

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Saying ‘No’ to Good Things

If 2020 has taught us anything, it has taught us how to face the reality of change. This year has brought innumerable challenges, many of which we have never dealt with before. As a result, we have seen the effects of change on the human condition — how resilient we can be despite adversity and how change can drive us further into division and anger. The most difficult part of change is letting go of things that seem to be […]

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Momming (is) So Hard

I debated whether or not to specifically address moms in this article, but I have for two reasons. One, I am a mom of four (soon-to-be-five) kids, so it’s what I know. Two, there is something unique and special about a mother’s love for her children. So, moms, this is for us. I believe that a mother’s nurturing, strong, protective spirit enables children to feel loved. It is this love that helps our children flourish, even from an early age. […]

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The Decade Challenge | What Will You Accomplish in Ten Years?

Ten years ago, there was a small startup in San Francisco running a beta test on their new transportation app. The idea was simple. Provide a way for people to drive other people where they need to go. It was called Uber. Taxi companies didn’t pay attention. They had the market cornered—or so they thought. Over the last decade, Uber has revolutionized the transportation industry, proving that a lot can happen in ten years. But the problem is, so many […]

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What I’ve Learned Since Leaving My Dream Job

One year ago, I left my dream job. I say it was my dream job because I loved the work, had great relationships with my clients and made a sizable six-figure income. As long as I stayed, our family’s future was secure. We had a financial advisor managing our long-term assets, our short term needs and wants were completely covered and we were able to give back. We had everything we had ever dreamed of. But the truth is, my dream job had […]

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A Heart of Anticipation | A Mid-Winter Update Along the Journey of Faith

It has been a tough winter. My heart is ready for longer days and warmer temperatures. But for now, I wait. In the chilled stillness of waiting, God reminds me that spring is coming. My wife has been suffering from nausea which is common for her pregnancies, but this time it has been debilitating. We’re extremely grateful for help from grandparents, in-laws and loved ones who have helped us navigate the struggle. I had a hard time processing the news […]

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The “Heart Change” Challenge

Have you seen the “How Hard Did Aging Hit You” Challenge? This is the latest internet craze where willing participants place their first profile picture alongside their current profile picture to see how they’ve changed in recent years. But rather than compare profile pictures, my wife and I want to propose an interesting idea. What if, in addition to how we’ve changed on the outside, we share how we’ve changed on the inside? External appearance is the quick eye test […]

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