Faith in Business

Faith in Business began as an idea when I was in high school. Back then I had the question, “How does faith influence and integrate into the work we do?”

What began as a senior project topic grew into a vibrant community of business leaders who are eager to grow and live our their faith in tangible ways.

We currently gather monthly in both Wilmington, NC and in Raleigh, NC but we are actively looking to expand and provide additional resources for greater impact.

Watch the video below and be sure to check out our resources.

What people are saying about Faith in Business

“Faith in Business helps me break the cycle, shift my perspective and get out of the hamster wheel.” – Hunter

“Faith in Business is better than traditional networking because I always leave with something.” – Lindsay

“In a way, Faith in Business has given me permission – it has reminded me that it’s ok for me to talk about my faith where I work.” – Matt

“Faith in Business is like Daily Bread for my journey.” – Reid

“I keep coming back to Faith in Business because it’s where God is speaking. I feel the Spirit here very powerfully.” – Rhonda

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