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A Donkey or a White Horse? | The Significance of the Triumphal Entry and Which Kingdom We Desire

In the West, we celebrate the arrival of “Holy Week” with Palm Sunday, a recognition of Jesus’s “Triumphal” Entry into Jerusalem ahead of his death, burial and resurrection. But by most definitions, this week was anything but triumphant. Ultimately, Jesus was betrayed, captured, beaten and crucified.As we dive deeper into the historical context of the events and contrast them against the pressures and cultural challenges we face today, I think we get a deeper perspective. Two Types of Kingdoms Each […]

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The Four People That We Forget at Easter

The Easter story is a familiar story that many of us have heard since childhood. And we’ve seen it portrayed on countless felt boards in churches throughout the Western world. But I’m afraid it has lost some of its gusto. I guess the felt-board characters haven’t aged very well. Bunnies and chocolates have taken center stage in this modern-day version. Consequently, Jesus gets a casual, “Thank you.” Then, it’s back to life as usual. But this year, I approached the […]

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Narcissism, The Cross and Being Called By Name

A few years ago, I would have never admitted to being narcissistic. I had a website dedicated to me and a countless social media accounts highlighting my opinion. I shared that opinion often and regularly dominated conversations. In addition, I was impatient when things didn’t align with my will and I constantly surveyed my bank account and financials to see how things were stacking up. And finally, I analyzed my performance in both my career and in my hobbies. What I wanted, […]

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