Bear Hunting | Your Field Guide to a Successful 2019

In our heyday of real estate sales we had a saying, “I’m going bear hunting.”

This was analogous to chasing something really big. Wether it was a big client or a new business idea, “bear hunting” was our catch phrase. Unfortunately, we learned the hard way that sometimes the bear eats the hunter.

After the market crashed, I traded in my bear hunting attire for a suit and tie. It was time to grow up and stop living with such risk.

For 10 years I put on a tie and played by the rules. But every day, it felt like the part of me that longed for adventure was slowly dying.

That’s when I realized that bear hunting was simply a part of my DNA.

In 2013, I began writing which led to my first book, Redefine Rich. That led to a connection with author, Kevin Adams. After a few coffees, we knew that this was more than just a friendly meet-up. Kevin and I began a weekly radio show in 2015, then we partnered to create YouPrint, a faith and personal development organization. After that, I began speaking and connecting with people who had that “bear hunter” gene buried inside of them. It was clear, my life’s passion was not just the thrill of the hunt, but helping people navigate their adventures as well.

As we head into a new year, your desire for a fresh start will be met with countless obstacles. So here are a few things I’ve learned and a few things you’ll need to avoid if you want to bag that allusive grizzly.

1. You Are a Bear Hunter

Most people struggle to believe that they were created for adventure. It’s not that people don’t chase their dreams. It’s that they don’t believe that they have dreams to chase. Recognizing that you were born for adventure is always the first step in embarking on one.

You, my friend, are a bear hunter.

2. Chase the Right Bear

A secondary struggle is understanding which adventure to pursue. If you’re like me, there are quite a few things you hope to accomplish. As a result, the road can become diluted with distractions.

Pausing for a moment and getting honest with yourself about your deepest desires is the difficult work. But it’s necessary if you want to move in the right direction. Out of college, I just started running. I learned that ambition and eagerness are essential, but they must be harnessed in the right direction.

Think big. Focus small.

3. Chase the Right Bear with the Right Motives

My initial pursuits were subtly motivated by the desire for wealth and fame and recognition. Those are competitive metrics that will not withstand the challenges on the road ahead. More importantly, they’re terrible metrics for sustainable success. The problem is, I wasn’t willing to be honest about it. I always hid those motives so deep that I began to believe that they didn’t exist.

Be honest about your motives instead of letting them lead you astray.

4. Prepare for the Hunt

For 10 years I thought that I wasn’t pursuing my passion. In actuality, I was. Some seasons of the hunt are spent engaged in the adventure. Other seasons are spent in preparation. For 10 years, I was slowly being prepared for the next adventure.

In hindsight, it took ten years of a stable income, conservative financial decisions and learning how to navigate relational tensions to prepare me for the adventure ahead.

The point is, never neglect the process of preparation. Embrace it with gratitude and learn to see it as a necessary part of the journey.

5. Never Hunt Alone and Choose the Right Hunting Partners

When you’re stepping into any adventure, never go at it alone. Big egos = dead hunters.

Just as important is making sure you surround yourself with the right people—people who have been there, people who have your best interest at hand and people who will keep you honest.

To avoid loneliness, we sometimes employ the wrong guides. Choose people who exemplify the character and integrity you want to display. That means you’ll need to be patient to let them reveal themselves.

Adventure Awaits

A new year is just around the corner. Your adventure awaits.

Will you get eaten by the bear?

Will you become exhausted and give up the pursuit?

You get to decide.


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