Seeking Saturday: Do Work Son!

I ran across a passage from 1 Chronicles 28 this morning that caught me off guard but captivated my imagination.  As you seek this Saturday, don’t lose heart in doing YOUR work.

King David is dying.  He is old and knows his life and time on earth is coming to an end.  His dying vision is to build a temple for the Ark of The Lord, but God has revealed that David will never see the fullness of this vision.  The vision will be carried out by David’s son, the successor to the throne, King Solomon.

As David imparts wisdom upon his son, the future king he shares these words:

“Be strong and courageous, and do the work.  Do not be afraid or discouraged, for The Lord God is with you.” – 1 Chron 28:20

David knew the task at hand.  He saw the demand.  He understood the distractions.  He envisioned the temptations.  The words above were certainly divine…

It took Solomon 7 years to have the temple built; a huge service with over 26,000 involved!  I wonder how many times he had to repeat the words of his father to himself as he encountered challenges?  I wonder how many times we need to hear these words as we do OUR work?

A few things to ponder as you seek this Saturday:

1. David knew he would never see the beauty and fullness of his vision – How would you handle that calling?  How do you embrace that reality?  I wrote a post a month ago about this idea (see link).  Regardless of your vision, your calling – the fullness of your impact will never be realized.  Your impact, or lack thereof, will cascade through future generations.  Embrace the encouragement of that reality and make the most of your opportunity TODAY!

2. David confidently taught his son by his actions – How do I teach my children, God’s children?  Solomon saw his father’s passion for his work and was passionate to carry it forward himself.  David earned the right to impart wisdom by his actions!  The same is true with us.  Let us not forget that we earn the right to teach by our actions. Sometimes we are called to continue to work passionately; that action itself instructs.

3. Strong, Courageous, Fearless, Focused – David gives these 4 commands to Solomon as he continues his journey.  Repeat them to yourself out loud.  How empowering!  The underlying foundation is God.  David and Solomon were carrying out God’s vision.  Sometimes our own pursuits are riddled with weakness, timidity, fear and distraction.  Perhaps those pursuits are not God’s?  Perhaps we don’t confidently invite God into our pursuits?  Wrestle on those thoughts – seek His guidance.

What vision are you carrying out?  I could simply be your opportunity and blessing to be a great wife / a great husband / a great mother / a great father.

On the contrary, you DON’T have to be in MINISTRY to carry out GOD’S WORK!  YOU are GOD’S WORK; created in His image – a vessel to bring His truth.

Adam was called to tend to the Garden BEFORE the fall!  Work isn’t punishment; it’s an opportunity to carry God’s light into the world he has entrusted to you!  Did Jesus serve God less as a carpenter than when he was teaching?  It would be impossible, he perfectly served God in ALL he did!

Be Strong, Be Courageous, Be Fearless, Stay Focused – God is with YOU!

How are you doing God’s work?


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2 Responses to Seeking Saturday: Do Work Son!

  1. Sharon Brooks October 12, 2013 at 8:59 am #

    When I lose sight of my heart, I lose sight of your heart. Its when I feel my heart, that I feel yours too. * smiles*

    • Matt Ham October 12, 2013 at 9:12 am #

      Great thoughts Sharon – thanks for sharing! Enjoyed visiting your site too!