The 4 RICH Principles

I’ve made it my passion to chase the idea of redefining what it means to be rich.

What would it look like to live richly?

I share with you simply to invite you along on the journey.

I perceive a society consumed with the pursuit of richness or maybe better stated, riches. We trouble and toil daily, working away at this pursuit, being handed currency that leaves much easier than it was earned. Profit margins and bottom lines drive the conversation.

Personally, we fall into the comparison trap and quantify riches. If we realize our pursuit is pointless we may retreat and surrender the idea that we could ever know what it was like to be rich.

In my business, I’ve seen those that have plenty and it continues to pile up.  Yet in the midst of their wealth, they come to the realization of King Solomon:

“Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied.” – Ecclesiastes 5:10

It’s not that money is evil, rather the pursuit of it that will take you down a dangerous path.

Is there a way to change our perspective so that true richness is revealed?

I believe so.

If you open the dictionary to define rich you’re met with the financial pursuit. However, if you keep reading, you see this definition – “abounding in desirable qualities.” That definition intrigues me.

What would a life abounding in desirable qualities look like?

In order to gain a better understanding, we take the word rich and create an acrostic assigning a principle to each letter:

Recognize you’re broken

Invest in others

Choose gratitude

Humble yourself with confidence

This reminder helps frame the context in which I want to impart my charge of Live Richly.

I unwrap these principles with incredible stories from my encounters along the way. Everyday people living rich lives. In my forthcoming book, You Make My Life Rich, I go through the stories in detail.

These four, seemingly common statements, create a framework when combined. A framework to redefine your life rather than being defined by it.

I have been given the opportunity to speak on these topics to church groups, families, and businesses.

You can read more about those experiences here. Likewise, a beautiful testimony of the RICH principles at work here.

If you would like more information on the RICH principles or would like to discuss with me directly, you can contact me at [email protected]. Additionally, I am releasing my eBook I Am Here: Becoming Unbroken which tells my story of HOW I came to understand the need for these principles in my own life.

I look forward to our journey as we ask ourselves:

Am I living richly?




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