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5 Things I Learned From Starting a Business With My Son

In August of 2022, my then 11-year-old son, Matthew, came to me and said, “Dad, I want to get into sports cards.”“Like baseball cards?” I replied.“Yeah, I’ve been watching this guy on YouTube who turned a penny into a car and I think I can do it with cards.”“A car?” I’m not sure if my eye roll was audible, but my immediate response wasn’t favorable.Like every kid in the 80s and 90s, I had my fair share of cards. In […]

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What I’ve Learned Since Leaving My Dream Job

One year ago, I left my dream job. I say it was my dream job because I loved the work, had great relationships with my clients and made a sizable six-figure income. As long as I stayed, our family’s future was secure. We had a financial advisor managing our long-term assets, our short term needs and wants were completely covered and we were able to give back. We had everything we had ever dreamed of. But the truth is, my dream job had […]

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Living From Passion or Living Under Pressure?

Do you live from passion, or do you live under pressure? As a young, hungry salesman I lived and worked from passion. The newness of the career and the open road ahead were exciting. But in time, providing for my family, the demands of the career, and juggling what seemed to be an insurmountable amount of responsibility began to create pressure. Whether it’s navigating your career, caring for your kids, or serving at a church or organization, I’m sure you’ve […]

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You Can’t Spell Relationship without R-E-S-T

Over the past few weeks, I have found myself navigating a tension. Since leaving my career to step into full-time ministry with our organization, YouPrint, my schedule has been busy. Between meetings, our radio show expansion and corporate engagements, my time has been filled. But beneath the full schedule is a lurking emptiness. This weekend, as I was spending some time alone at the beach preparing for my sermon, I felt God say, “Don’t become so busy with this stuff […]

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To the Man | Peeling Back the False Self, The Pain of Freedom and Flying

To the man who’s feeling the pressure of raising kids even though he doesn’t feel adequate, I hear you. To the man who’s buried under the suffocating weight of debt, I hear you. To the man who’s mistaken himself as the provider, I hear you. To the man who’s trying his hardest to succeed at work because it validates his desire to be known, I hear you. To the man who’s afraid of his greatness because he’s comfortable with good, […]

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The Day You Stop Wondering

Since I’ve made the decision to resign after ten years in insurance business, I’ve had to face a lot of questions. And that’s understandable. I don’t mind questions. If you’re crazy enough to chase your dreams, you have to learn to become comfortable with them. In the world of questions, the two most notable inquiries begin with “Why”. Knowing the answer to this is incredibly important. If you’re going to pursue an uncommon life, you’ll have to answer it. The […]

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Learning to Listen to God

When I recently announced my resignation from ten years in the insurance industry to pursue full-time ministry, there were a lot of questions. Most of the questions were self imposed—questions I needed to wrestle with internally. But many of the questions were from family, friends and coworkers who were curious about the next steps. When you admit that it feels like you’re hearing from God it tends to raise concerns. While most the questions were supportive in nature, many were […]

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