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Living From Passion or Living Under Pressure?

Do you live from passion, or do you live under pressure? As a young, hungry salesman I lived and worked from passion. The newness of the career and the open road ahead were exciting. But in time, providing for my family, the demands of the career, and juggling what seemed to be an insurmountable amount of responsibility began to create pressure. Whether it’s navigating your career, caring for your kids, or serving at a church or organization, I’m sure you’ve […]

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Life in the Desert

A twenty-something friend reached out to me recently, just to talk. He had abandoned the idea of God in his late teen years after religious culture and hell-fire-and-brimstone left a bitter taste in his mouth. I can’t say I blame him for spitting it out. Now, after ten years of tasting all that life has to offer, he is weary—thirsty for something that life isn’t providing. Sure, he’s successful, and he’s a great guy. But he’s sinking. He’s in the midst of some […]

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This Post Might Make You Angry…

Answering the question of anger could be the single, most important step in the direction of our dreams that we could ever take.  Why? Anger is a roadblock. Not the kind that appears as a wall to breakthrough or pass over, but the deceitful type.  It stays hidden, crouching; waiting to attack. Anger is the kryptonite to our soul. As Mike Ashcraft so eloquently put it, “Anger keeps our excuses relevant.” Here’s the problem with anger: It disguises itself differently in […]

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