Nobody’s Guru

I remember a movie when I was growing up called, Nobody’s Fool. Although I haven’t seen it, I think it stars the guy whose picture is on the salad dressing bottle in the grocery store. That’s Paul Newman, right? I always confuse him with Robert Redford for some reason. Anyway, I thought about that title this week as my thumb was busy perusing my Twitter feed. I don’t have many followers on Twitter. Perhaps it’s because I don’t play the game of following a lot of people in hopes that they follow me back.

Or, maybe, it’s because I don’t proclaim to be a guru.

Twitter does a good job of pointing out the gurus because a lot of them have a blue check beside their name. The most powerful guy in Twitterland must be the guy who gives out those blue checks. It’s like a modern-day version of knighthood.

Twitter, and Facebook for that matter, seem to be the land of the guru these days. People with insight and wisdom willing to share it with you for a few dollars. Or, many. I’ve actually paid some of them. But while some have helped me and some have burned me, none of them have changed my life.

Ideas Don’t Change People

Now before the gurus have their assistants email me, I’m not opposed to guruing. I believe it has its place. I too, for a fee, share my insight and wisdom with folks. In a way, I guess that makes me a guru. But I loathe that thought.

There is no inherent problem with exchanging money for ideas. That’s the engine that drives our economy. However, when the ideas are raised to a supreme status, we have to be wary of the effects it has on our soul.

The last thing I’d hope to be is a guy who has figured something out and is ready to charge you money to share it.

Life’s much richer than that.

My most recent testimonial from a speaking engagement helped me understand my place in all of it. The CEO closed with this line:

“Thanks for the reminder, Matt.”

I read it over and over again, puzzled by its suggestion. On one hand it seemed to cut deep to the reality that I hadn’t shared anything new, I hadn’t revolutionized the way they saw their business. I hadn’t been the guru.

But the more I pressed into that exchange, the more freedom I found.

I was the reminder guy. I really like that.

The CEO’s testimony taught me that the ideas I share are not of my creation, really. There is nothing new under the sun. It took my own humility to understand that.

Moreover, it took humility to understand that ideas don’t change people.

Renew Your Mind

Paul wrote that we should be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Then, we will be able to test and approve what God’s will is for our life.

What he’s saying is that principles don’t transform us, gurus don’t transform us.

We are transformed when we allow our minds to process God’s truth in our spirit.

Gurus and principles are important because they provide the information we are to test and approve. From there, the work becomes personal.

That is why I give free consulting calls. To date, I’ve gifted more than 330 copies of my book, Redefine Rich. I have also shipped hundreds of free copies of my RICH card to more than 22 states at the request of my readers.

I don’t say those things because I think I have to prove myself or because I think I’m better than anyone else. I believe in generosity, so I continue to live it.

And besides, those ideas aren’t mine anyway. I’m the reminder guy. God does the work.

I’m happy with that. In fact, it is very freeing to hear.

I don’t need a blue check beside my name or thousands of followers to know that I am approved.

Neither do you.

And to the gurus, remember that your ideas are not your own. You’re not changing people’s lives, they are.

While you may be the catalyst, you’re nobody’s guru.



“We get busy in life. Matt reminds us of why we dedicate ourselves to something other than ourselves. The market rewards companies that act and care in the best interests of everyone. Plus it is the only sustainable way to live. Thanks for the powerful reminders Matt. They work, we just needed a reminder.” – Robert Wagnon, CEO, Republic State Mortgage

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