Whole Life Mastermind Series

Discover the truth that your whole life matters!

“I went into the series thinking that it was something I needed and prayed that it would refresh my spirit.  It was way beyond that. I looked forward to Thursday night every week. I never left the sessions without something I needed to work on. Between the notes you gave us and the notes I took, I enjoyed the week after the session feasting on the scripture and the notes. I have a different view point of the Whole Life now and how I now need to carry it out daily.”Susan

“The Whole Life Mastermind has made me look deeper into myself and made me realize that I already have everything I need to live and abundant joyful life, I just need to change my attitude and perspective.”John

The number one thing that I have needed is wisdom and insight from someone other than myself. Too often, I’m so wrapped up in my own agenda that I can’t see clearly and I need someone to speak direction and clarity into my life.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling this way, you may want to check out the Whole Life Mastermind Series.

The Whole Life Mastermind Series is an exclusive, live, four-week, facilitated mastermind

If you…

  • Are trying to bridge the gaps between your faith, family, and work
  • Want to grow deeper in your faith
  • Are looking for insight and encouragement on your journey
  • Desire an enriched life

This opportunity may be for you.

Each course is limited to 10 applicants.

Email me at [email protected] and I have a short form for you to fill out along with details about pricing, dates, etc. Also, don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

I really hope you will give this some consideration and I look forward to walking through this with you.




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