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Dreaming and Building

Next door to my office, they’re building a brand new Dick’s Sporting Goods and Marshall’s megastore. It’s a huge building and a massive construction undertaking. At any given time, it seems like there are fifty guys on the job and numerous pieces of heavy equipment at work. They are constantly building. As they lay the concrete blocks, something begins to take shape. It is coming to life. Pretty soon, the interior will be filled with merchandise: baseball gear, running apparel, […]

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The Richest Man In Town

We all know Frank Capra’s 1946 classic movie It’s a Wonderful Life. Most of us catch the film around the holidays, as its final scenes are set during Christmastime. The film takes place in the town of Bedford Falls, a small, simple community that gives the impression the story could take place anywhere. The great James Stewart plays the lead character, George Bailey. Bailey has aspirations for a great life. To him, this life consists of traveling the world, seeing […]

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