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‘Merica | We’re Better Than This

For a country that was founded on the notion of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we’ve done well. In fact, America has become so free and prosperous that we’ve even removed the “A”. We’re now know as ‘Merica—a reality television version of ourselves with schizophrenia. Some days, we see the resolve of the human spirit unite under the concept of faith, hope and love—like the response to Hurricane Florence. But other days, we digress to into fear, division and […]

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Baptism, The Goodness of God, and Our Need For Revival

I first felt a call to be baptized about two years ago, but I quickly brushed it off for a number of logical reasons. But God doesn’t work by logic. In fact, faith, by definition, isn’t logical. For two years, the idea of baptism burned in my heart while I wrestled with the logic in my head. Every time I saw the word or happened to watch someone else be baptized, I couldn’t deny that’s what God was calling me […]

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