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Have Your Dreams Died?

Have you ever been called out about your passions? Has someone ever questioned your dreams? If not, you’re probably not dreaming. That’s understandable—and not uncommon. Maybe somewhere in your past, someone or something hurt you so badly that you’ve forgotten how to dream. If you’ve allowed others’ judgment to take root within you and paralyze you with fear; Please – take heart. My 3-year old reminded me this week about why we dream in the first place. I occasionally play […]

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The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for All to Hear

Christmas is full of traditions. With three boys, at or under three, we’re never short on dull moments. For the next twelve days, I wanted to share unique things to our family: thoughts, recipes, traditions, videos, posts, ideas; consider it a virtual Christmas Card from The Hams. Join with us as we celebrate. Day 1: Our three-year old – Matthew, Jr. loves to sing. He and Buddy the Elf would be best friends. Enjoy these videos of MJ sining his versions of […]

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