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The Power of Reflection | Rediscovering Who You Are

Regretting the past and reflecting on it are two drastically different things. One is laced with guilt and shame while the other is overflowing with wisdom and hope. You see, the past can give you hope, but you can’t hope in the past. Knowing the difference is essential. For much of my life I was so eager to hit the reset button on another year that I failed to spend time in quiet reflection. But a few years ago, I […]

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Three Things You Must Do Before You Pick A Word

One of the greatest practices that I have embraced in recent years is picking a word. It provides incredible promise, focusing my energy and efforts on what I want to do and who I am becoming. In fact, I even had Mike Ashcraft, the co-author of My One Word, stop by for a guest post (you can check it out here). However, before you join me and countless others in picking a¬†word, stop. Don’t pick a word for this year. […]

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