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A Letter to my Son, Matthew: Part 2

Read: A Letter to Matthew: Part 1 Our struggle to conceive was certainly a reminder that you were a gift from Him. Even before you were born, He knew this would be your name. Matthew means gift of God. “Meme” chose it for her son for a reason, her reason. Your mom and I chose it for our own. Some will call it southern and others may call it traditional. For us, there was no other name: Matthew Derrick Ham, Jr. […]

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The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for All to Hear

Christmas is full of traditions. With three boys, at or under three, we’re never short on dull moments. For the next twelve days, I wanted to share unique things to our family: thoughts, recipes, traditions, videos, posts, ideas; consider it a virtual Christmas Card from The Hams. Join with us as we celebrate. Day 1: Our three-year old – Matthew, Jr. loves to sing. He and Buddy the Elf would be best friends. Enjoy these videos of MJ sining his versions of […]

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