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This Homeless Man Didn’t Want My Money, He Wanted Something Else

Aside from a perimeter fence, the only thing that separates our rear property line from the parking lot of College Acres Baptist Chuch is a narrow row of trees. Except for Wednesday night and Sunday morning, the lot stays quiet—and quite peaceful I might add. But not too long ago, it provided the setting for a fateful encounter with a homeless man who taught me one of life’s greatest lessons. It is a lesson that will serve us in more […]

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A Deeper Perspective [Podcast]

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Redefine Rich just cracked into the top New and Noteworthy on iTunes. This has only been possible because you have listened, shared, and left reviews. Please keep it up – we have a few more weeks to be listed on iTunes in this way. Last week, I gave away five $25 iTunes gift cards for those who left a review. Congrats to April Best, Larry Carter, Claire McLean, Gabe Alvarado, and Lily Kreitinger (shoot me […]

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A Simple Practice to be Courageous

There’s rarely a time when I’m short on words. As a kid, I talked to everyone, from strangers in stores to the crosswalk guard. As a teenager, I talked to everyone, from umpires to ESPN camera crews. Which, I will add,  featured me on an ESPN special about fans and nearly won me a new Toyota Tacoma. But, I digress. What I’m saying is that I’ve been given the gift of gab. I’m not making assumptions or tooting my horn, I’ve just […]

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