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God Isn’t Fair | A Reminder About Imperfection at Christmas

One of the most powerful things about the Christmas story is that it reminds us that God isn’t fair. For years I overlooked the lineage of Jesus. In haste to meet the baby in the manger, I skipped over the long list of too-difficult-to-pronouce names and jumped right to the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. But in doing so, I missed an integral part of the story. Matthew’s account of Jesus’s genealogy, includes an incredible description that, I have never […]

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What I Learned From A Homeless Twenty-Something

I’m ashamed to admit that I used to shy away from homeless people. But over the past few years, I’ve had quite a few encounters like the one I share below. I’ve come to appreciate them now because God’s either trying to get my attention or giving me an opportunity to learn something about myself that I’m otherwise unwilling to accept. In this case, I think it may have been both. ◊♦◊ I met Cody yesterday. As I walked into a […]

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Beauty for Ashes: Overcoming Shame

As we were getting the boys ready for bed, I caught my oldest son, MJ, watching inappropriate videos on his mom’s cellphone—something he knows he’s not supposed to do. To make matters worse, when I confronted him about it, he lied to me. “I just picked up mom’s phone to check the time,” an attempt to cover his disobedience. Seeing his sweet, innocent spirit give in to the temptation to lie to his father pierced my heart. My first response […]

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