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Two Unexpected Characters in the Christmas Story

For the past few years, I have taken time to study and reflect on the story of Christmas. Although the characters stay the same, the experience is always unique and stretches my faith. Last year, I was overwhelmed by the lineage of Jesus and what it teaches us about God’s desire to use our imperfections. This year, I find myself focused on a few ancillary characters that I’ve never considered—King Herod the Great and The Magi. King Herod the Great […]

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God Isn’t Fair | A Reminder About Imperfection at Christmas

One of the most powerful things about the Christmas story is that it reminds us that God isn’t fair. For years I overlooked the lineage of Jesus. In haste to meet the baby in the manger, I skipped over the long list of too-difficult-to-pronouce names and jumped right to the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. But in doing so, I missed an integral part of the story. Matthew’s account of Jesus’s genealogy, includes an incredible description that, I have never […]

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You Can’t Spell Christmas Without Hope

I woke up this morning to the crushing news of the death of a classmate and friend. My heart breaks for his family and those who were close to him. Thirty-five is simply too young to die. And when it hits so close to home, it’s all the more real. In the midst of the pain, you can’t help but ask why. But as I wrestle with my emotions, I’m reminded that reason is a liar. That making sense of it […]

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