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The History of Santa Claus | How One Man’s Generosity Changed the World

I remember when I was a kid, laying in bed, unable to close my eyes, my heart thumping and my mind racing in anticipation for what Santa might bring. Although my friends refused to believe, I had faith that it was all real—that Santa wasn’t some made-up, imaginary story that my parents lovingly went along with. But around my eleventh or twelfth Christmas, I began finding receipts and gift bags that caused me to question. Even still, hope is a powerful thing. Deep down, I’d […]

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America Needs More CEOs Like This Guy

The Story of the Anti-CEO There was once a CEO of a thriving, 100 million-dollar business. What began as a dream in a garage had grown into a national organization with more than a thousand employees. According to every economic, social, and professional metric, the CEO and the company were successful. As the business grew, the CEO found out that one of his employees had a daughter who was battling cancer. Upon learning the devastating news, he insisted that his […]

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The Car Ride That Changed My Life

The investment in a person. Although it sounds like a heavy, calculated decision to make, it doesn’t have to be that way at all. Even the smallest act of kindness and assurance of someone else’s value can have the mightiest impact on their lives…and yours. Life courses are changed and blessings are discovered when nothing is left to chance. There is purpose in every action. The second principle in my forthcoming book You Make My Life Rich is: Invest in […]

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