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Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety is one of those taboo things that we all experience in some form, but are rarely willing to talk about. The conversation surrounding such an issue is much bigger than I can address within this post. There are many reasons not to share something so personal, but I’m choosing to overlook those reasons because I believe that vulnerability has the power to break things open. What I’m about to share,  I share for two reasons. One, because I know […]

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To The Men…

There’s a small zoo in my hometown that boasts a lion as one of the main attractions. But if you pay close attention, there’s something terribly wrong. This lion doesn’t roar. Instead, he lay silent with his face pressed against the dirt of the earth. I imagine the lion initially welcomed the attention as the main attraction. He was well fed and he roared on occasion to keep his admirers entertained. But in time, the chains of captivity robbed him […]

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I Am Here: Strength in Reflecting on the Past

This post is a story that highlights the purpose and premise of my eBook, I Am Here. I hated running and I hated the gym. They always gave me a feeling of inadequacy. Team sports had always been my forte: baseball, basketball, and football. A few years removed from college and the enjoyment of a desk job left me out of shape and in need of motivation. Adult league softball wasn’t cutting it (no offense guys). It made me mad […]

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