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To The Men…

There’s a small zoo in my hometown that boasts a lion as one of the main attractions. But if you pay close attention, there’s something terribly wrong. This lion doesn’t roar. Instead, he lay silent with his face pressed against the dirt of the earth. I imagine the lion initially welcomed the attention as the main attraction. He was well fed and he roared on occasion to keep his admirers entertained. But in time, the chains of captivity robbed him […]

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The Role of a Father

Four years ago, I wasn’t a very good dad. I never was a baby person, but taking care of three humans made me feel incapable. I guess that’s God’s grace on display. Sometimes He gives us the very things that incapacitate us so we’ll finally let go and trust Him. The truth is, He was molding me for something far bigger than I could see. And this is what it was going to take to break the strongholds that would finally set me […]

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Fatherhood, Faith, and Fighting

The two most important things in my life are my faith and my family—in that order. And both of those areas of my life seem to be constantly threatened. The other night, I happened to catch a few scenes from one of my favorite movies: Jaws. With the onset of beach season right around the corner, I suppose the networks wanted to conveniently remind me of the childhood nightmares that I’ve been trying to suppress for twenty-five years. There was a […]

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