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The Dream That Changed My Life

Have you ever ridden an activity bus? Playing three sports in high school, I rode these 45-foot beauties quite a bit – no seat belt, seats as comfortable as a block of concrete and sounds that make you think they will fall apart any minute. When you load one full of high school boys, it’s a testosterone-packed adventure.  Dull moments do not exist and half of the stories that emerge are sworn into secrecy by those present. However, one experience […]

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The Allegorical Tale of a Town Called Comfortable

∞ “Just as God gives comfort to the faithful in their affliction, He will surely afflict the comfort of those unwilling to step beyond it—which probably makes Him an irresistible hero for the called, and the unspoken villain for those who’d rather keep cheering them on from a distance.” —Kevin Adams, The Extravagant Fool ∞ Far away, along the road to purpose, is a town called Comfortable. Hidden perfectly within the mountains, it sits just beyond the river and past the […]

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I’ve Got Dreams, Do You?

There is a plague that faces our culture today. A plague of Fatherlessness. It has myriad causes, but at its root is men not being the men they were created to be. Whether from a lack of knowledge or a lack of desire, the cure for Fatherlessness has to start with selflessness. Somewhere beneath selflessness is love. The recognition that it’s not about us. As much as we fall into the trap of believing otherwise, it’s not. Many of you […]

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