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The Allegorical Tale of a Town Called Comfortable

∞ “Just as God gives comfort to the faithful in their affliction, He will surely afflict the comfort of those unwilling to step beyond it—which probably makes Him an irresistible hero for the called, and the unspoken villain for those who’d rather keep cheering them on from a distance.” —Kevin Adams, The Extravagant Fool ∞ Far away, along the road to purpose, is a town called Comfortable. Hidden perfectly within the mountains, it sits just beyond the river and past the […]

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The Country Store – A Short Story

Stephen came to an intersection. A seemingly wrong turn had landed him here. He was off course – the course he intended to take anyway – and all he could think about was the time he was losing. Anxiety began to swell within him as he was itching to get back on track. He hated wrong turns and now he was lost. They’re an odd thing really, wrong turns that is. Slight misjudgments that land you somewhere unintended. Our natural reaction is […]

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