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Fatherhood, Faith, and Fighting

The two most important things in my life are my faith and my family—in that order. And both of those areas of my life seem to be constantly threatened. The other night, I happened to catch a few scenes from one of my favorite movies: Jaws. With the onset of beach season right around the corner, I suppose the networks wanted to conveniently remind me of the childhood nightmares that I’ve been trying to suppress for twenty-five years. There was a […]

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30 Things I Have Learned About Fatherhood and Boys

When my wife and I prayed for a family, we didn’t understand why God made us wait nearly three years for our prayers to be answered. All of the heartache and pain didn’t seem necessary. Why would a good, loving God drag us through a desert-like season that almost cost us our marriage? The wisdom of hindsight has revealed that God was simply preparing us for three boys. While infertility and marital struggles were challenging, nothing has been more challenging than parenting these […]

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How to Teach Your Children to be Great

My supreme goal is to be a great father. But that is a tricky goal to achieve. What does it mean to be a great father? In fact, the realization of that goal may only be determined after I am gone, when my children reflect on my life and say, “He was a great dad.” As I think about it, that’s very selfish of me, actually. What I really want to to raise children that become great. And not just great kids, […]

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