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Beauty in Disaster | Life Lessons From Hurricane Florence

As I sit here on my front porch overlooking countless piles of debris and water receding from my yard, I have mixed emotions. I can’t help but be overwhelmed with gratitude because our family and our home is safe. But there’s a sense of grief as well because I know so many who can’t say the same. There are hundreds of thousands of people with significant structural damage and millions more who have undergone significant emotional stress. And as I […]

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The Story I’ve Never Shared | Infertility, Affairs and Restoration

I’ve been writing for almost five years now and during that time I’ve found the courage to share countless stories. But there’s one story that has terrified me. Partly because it’s not only my story, it’s my wife’s as well. Before I go any further, you have to know that I have her full consent for what I’m about to write. For whatever reason, God has given us the courage to share our story today, on our anniversary. There’s beautiful […]

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Tiger Woods, Second Chances and Grace

After a 5-year hiatus from a PGA victory, Tiger Woods is back on top of the golfing world. This weekend at East Lake Golf Club, Tiger Woods won the 2018 Tour Championship and claimed the 80th professional victory of his illustrious career. Woods was the dominate force on the PGA Tour in the late 90s and early 2000s. He completely revolutionized the game of golf with his powerful swing and fierce competitiveness. But in late 2009, Woods’ life began to […]

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