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Lessons from Super Bowl LI, Lady Gaga, and Tom Brady

For a country and a culture on edge, Super Bowl LI was a welcome distraction. For a moment, we could take a break from the exhaustive media charade, gorge ourselves on finger food, avoid political discussions on Facebook, and cheer for the Patriots to lose. Or so it seemed. In the week leading up to the fifty-first installment of the big game, someone spotted a Make America Great Again hat in Tom Brady’s locker which raised questions about his affiliation […]

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Why I Let My Kids Cheer For Cam Newton

My four-year old twins were given matching Cam Newton jerseys for their birthday last fall, and every day since then, they’ve woken up with eager expectation, “Are the Panthers playing today?” “No buddy, they play on Sunday,” I’ll reply. They frown for a moment, then they insist on watching highlights so that they can run around the house mimicking Cam Newton as they chant KEEP POUNDING. As a late Christmas present, my parents surprised all of us with tickets to the Panthers final home […]

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