The Day You Stop Wondering

Since I’ve made the decision to resign after ten years in insurance business, I’ve had to face a lot of questions. And that’s understandable. I don’t mind questions. If you’re crazy enough to chase your dreams, you have to learn to become comfortable with them.

In the world of questions, the two most notable inquiries begin with “Why”.

Knowing the answer to this is incredibly important. If you’re going to pursue an uncommon life, you’ll have to answer it.

The “Why”

I received this note yesterday:

“I really don’t know how to begin this message, except to say thank you. When we met last Friday, I was at one of the lowest points in my life and was trying to keep things going and in perspective. I am not sure whether I was looking for something or it was a force that put me in front of you that day, but I am grateful.

After we met, a few things happened to me:

First, when I left your office, I was overwhelmed by my emotions of our conversation. I am not an emotional guy but in my car I found myself weeping with emotion of my situation and the future. Something put you in front of me that day when I needed it the most.

I have not read a book since probably high school or college, but after we met I began reading your book and found myself unable to put it down as if someone was talking to me to read.

Later that day, I picked up my children from school and shared the story of meeting you. I got emotional again. It may have been the first time they’ve ever seen me cry. It was powerful for all of us.

My relationship with them has been distant even though I love them with all my heart and try to be the best father I can. Time together is a challenge as they want to socialize with friends and sleep in on the weekends. This weekend, however, I decided to pull us together and ask them to go out and watch the sunset. We had great quality time.

Yesterday I finished your book (front to back) and am grateful to the force that hopefully has started me on a journey to being Rich for the first time in my life. I want to encourage others and would love to support your efforts in any way.

Thanks, Matt. Keep going strong with confidence in your life’s work. You do make a difference!”

This is my “Why”.

To see spiritual awakening like this gentlemen experienced is priceless—you can’t put a dollar figure on that. And I’m so proud of him for the willingness to be vulnerable. Because what he will find is that God will use his story and testimony for good.

People need that spark of inspiration, encouragement and teaching to help them reframe their perspective and reclaim their future. They need to believe that hope is real—and, that they can possess it. Once they have it, they can infect others with it as well.

To watch that process unfold is nothing short of magical.


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