Richness Thrives in Community

We define ourselves in community. Think about this with me.

Ethnicity, Generation, Alma Mater, North, South, East Coast, West Coast, Vegetarian, Democrat, Republican…

We love community and we constantly describe ourselves in this way. We wear our colors proudly and cheer for our proverbial team. Some communities are more intricate than others; some carry clearly divided lines whereas other’s borders may be slightly blurred. Regardless, we love community.

This Community

One year ago, I began referring to this blog with the phrase “Live Richly” and those reading the “Live Richly Community”.

The twenty or thirty readers at the time probably thought I was crazy. Well, I’m glad to announce that crazy must like company. Since then, this community has grown into thousands of readers from Australia to the UK. It blows my mind.

The power of the internet.

The power of people.

The power of hope.

The power of community.

I have seen God at work through this message, in my own life, in immeasurable ways. Additionally, I’ve heard stories that stretch far beyond my limited capacity.

In a world that promises money and wealth as the cure-all for what ails us, I see people asking, “Is there more?”

Yes. Absolutely, there is.

And that is why I’m taking this next step on the journey and I’m inviting you to join me.

If you’re ready to take a step, a step toward your rich life, now is the time. It’s an abundant life, rich in generosity, full of gratitude, and founded in the confidence only the Lord brings. Here’s the great news: we were never intended to traverse this road alone and that’s why I believe we have this community.

So, I’m taking this community to the next level and I want you to join me.


It is in community where richness thrives.

I’ve created the Live Richly Community on Facebook: a private group of people, all sharing the same vision: a desire to uncover a rich life. Because, we believe, wealth is a poor substitute for worth.

And I’ll tell you this, the conversations are amazing.

Join the Live Richly Community Here





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