Two Things To Brighten Your Day

We always hear, “You get out of something, whatever you put into it.”  Bad ingredients make a bad cake.  Well, I’m not so sure there is any ‘bad’ cake, but you get the point.  That is a true statement and along the lines of topics we’ve discussed.  Nothing great ever comes easy.  It is only defined as great because there is some level of difficulty involved in pursuing it!  As I continue on these ideas of living richly and seeking greatness through gratitude (Greatfull), I want to give you two quick and simple tips that I have tried to harness in my life.  I think they are very easily practiced, but they go such a long way.  When I say them, you will think, “Really?  Great post this morning Matt!  How long did it take you to conjure up that one?

1.  Holding Doors – Do you commonly practice holding doors for others?  “Ahhh, that’s something those southern boys do.  Ahhh, I ain’t got no time to hold no doors.”  I have found that by making an effort to hold a door for someone, it engages something deeper than the surface.  When you take time to do this small, kind act for someone else, you will be blown away.  I noticed it about 2 years ago when I started walking my clients to the door.  It sounds simple, but I thought, “How many business people are walking their clients to the door.”  To me it showed appreciation for the client and just my way of saying, “Thank you.  You matter to me.”  I was amazed!  People were so appreciative and it really made an impact.  Now, I will run ahead of people just to hold a door.  It’s so awesome and hilarious too when you get the person that doesn’t acknowledge it.  I kind of want to follow them for a day and open ALL of their doors.  They’ll get it eventually!  Try this today – let’s establish a culture of holding doors.

2.  Smiling – Yes, it’s that simple.  Try smiling.  Some of the scowls out there are amazing and downright scary!  I mean, some mugs are prettier than others, but dress it up with a smile.  Putting on a smile is like wearing a tuxedo.  Who doesn’t look good in a tuxedo?  (Pretty soon, I’m going to start getting emails of ugly tuxedo pictures)  Regardless, try smiling today.  Smile at people you meet, smile at people you work with, smile at your kids, smile at your spouse, smile at your friends.  If they think you’re crazy, then you haven’t been smiling enough!  “What’s up with you today?”  Go watch your favorite movie clip or run through something funny in your head.  Whatever it takes, muster up a smile and give them away.  Smiles are free and one of the greatest gifts you can give.  You can’t tell me that there isn’t a person in your life that you wouldn’t appreciate a smile from.  If there is, you’re clearly not the one smiling!

3.  God forbid you combine #1 and #2!  Ok, I know I said 2 things, but try combining them.  It’s like putting peanuts with M&M’s (greatest invention ever).  “Might just make your head blow off!” (Nutty Professor ref)

Grandma from Nutty Professor - image courtesy of

Grandma from Nutty Professor – image courtesy of

They’re ideas we’ve all heard, but the reality is, NO ONE is practicing them!  Are you?  The reality is, these seem like they are for the other person, they’re not!  They’re for you!

Go brighten up your day!


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3 Responses to Two Things To Brighten Your Day

  1. Pat House September 6, 2013 at 7:07 am #

    I was walking towards the door to Barnes and Noble a couple mornings ago and I saw a woman in a wheel chair headed that way. I slowed my pace so that I could get the door for her. To my surprise, she stopped and made a phone call. When I looked back towards the door another very nice lady with a big smile had opened the door for me! What a nice gift!

    • Matt Ham September 6, 2013 at 7:34 am #

      Ah ha Pat! when you look for opportunities to help other people, you find the opportunities starts happening for you! Thanks for sharing!


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