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Addicted to Approval

The like button on Facebook has changed our culture. In this highly socialized world, we hold more power in our ability to dish out digital thumbs than entire news organizations had just ten years ago. With each click, we approve or we don’t. Our thumbs sway elections, dictate corporate spending, and create instant celebrities overnight. Approval is a funny thing, though. While we long for it ourselves, we often withhold it from others. We’re like the little hobbit, Sméagol, in J. R. […]

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Wealth vs. Worth

The deepest longing of the human soul is the desire to be worthy, the desire to matter, the desire to be loved. However, popular culture has prescribed material flourishing as the end goal of our lives. From a young age we’re taught to get a great job, make lots of money, and retire comfortably. As a husband, father, and provider, this hits me in the throes of life’s greatest struggle. And, as I continue to talk with people from all […]

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Wealth vs. Worth [Podcast]

Episode 7: Blessings and Wealth versus Worth Today’s podcast is a response to listener feedback from Beth. If you have questions or thoughts, email them to me at [email protected] and I may feature them on a future episode. Today’s question: “Matt, could you go over the real definition of blessing. I hear so many people talk about their designer jeans or new car as a blessing and I think there’s more to it than that.”   Rich adjective 1. Abounding in […]

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