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I’m Finally Breaking My Political Silence

Well, it’s over. I have exercised my right and my privilege to cast my ballot for the next President of the United States, as well as those running for state and local offices. But truthfully, as I stepped away from the poll, I was left with an ugly feeling. As I walked back to my car, amid those campaigning for each party, I couldn’t help but feel divided. In a country that claims the word “United” in its title, I feel like we have missed […]

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Tuck in Your Cape Superman

There’s an innate quality within little children that speaks volumes about the condition of the human heart: little boys want to be superheroes and little girls want to be princesses. And if we’re honest, it doesn’t go away as we grow up–we just put on different costumes. As a speaker, I find myself wanting to be compared to the Titans in the field: Ziglar, Maxwell, Andrews We rank ourselves in tennis leagues, we compare how many friends we have on Facebook […]

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