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The Last Blog Post: A Story You Don’t Want to Miss

As I sat down to write this morning, I realized this would be the last day that my blog would be seen in its original format. Tomorrow, I will be relaunching www.mattham.com. With that thought, I wanted to write a quick farewell post. A ‘thank you’ to my readers as we prepared for a new chapter to begin. As I sat here thinking of how to encapsulate my feelings with grand words of gratitude, I started hearing my twins laughing […]

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My Kid Has Two Hearts? A Twin Story

Someone recently asked me: “Do you have any advice for someone expecting twins?” The transcendence happened immediately. Rather than being the one asking for advice, now, I was the one giving it. Not that I assume I’m in a position to give any advice at all, but this is my attempt. For the first time, I stand on the other side and look back on our craziness. The last three years of my life rushing by in reverse, memories pouring in like water […]

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