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My Half Ironman Story

The crowd of strangers surround you and scream your name. An incessant roar that grows with each painful step you take. Although this isn’t the Coliseum in Rome, I imagine that it is close as I will ever come to experiencing what that may have been like. You are in the spotlight and in this moment, your moment, everyone is pulling for you. Amid the noise, you hear your name projected over the speakers along with the name of your home city. […]

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I Am Here: Strength in Reflecting on the Past

This post is a story that highlights the purpose and premise of my eBook, I Am Here. I hated running and I hated the gym. They always gave me a feeling of inadequacy. Team sports had always been my forte: baseball, basketball, and football. A few years removed from college and the enjoyment of a desk job left me out of shape and in need of motivation. Adult league softball wasn’t cutting it (no offense guys). It made me mad […]

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Seeking Saturday: Running With Perserverance

In 2010, I fell in love with the sport of triathlon. The year before, Liz was part of a relay team at a local ‘sprint’ triathlon, a shorter distance race for both competitive and novice participants. When I went to watch the race, I wondered, “Could I?” In 2010, I competed in 2 races, 11 in 2011 including a Half Ironman (70.6 miles), and 9 in 2012.  However, this year, I decided to take some time off from competitive racing […]

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