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What’s the Point of This Anyway? A Story of Hope

When I started writing, it was simply a feeling, a decision to create a discipline in response to something within urging me to begin. I was never sure of the outcome. At times, I’ve wondered what’s the point of it all of it anyway?  The pressures of fatherhood and business ownership leave me scrambling to get it all done. In the middle of the doing it’s easy to lose heart. However, there are moments that light my path. These moments encourage […]

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The Hardest Blog Post I’ve Ever Written

My grandfather, Mendel Ham, grew up on a farm in rural South Carolina. Racial inequality was rampant in the Deep South during the 1930’s, but one of his best friends was an African-American farm hand. That pretty much sums up my grandfather—the stares and jeers weren’t strong enough to break his spirit. I didn’t know him as a young man, but I try to envision him approaching my grandmother to ask her on their first date. Or, see him as an eighteen-year old marine, serving our country […]

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