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The Success of the World is not Worth the Significance of Your Soul

Life moves at a feverish pace. The demands of work, of family, of health, of duty, of responsibility drown me in a sea of busyness, yet I keep on running because at the end of that road, maybe I’ll find success. In these moments, the promises of the Bible seem to disappear. They don’t feel relevant in today’s fast-paced world. In these moments, I feel theĀ temptation to turn God’s words upon Himself and profess, “My ways are higher than your […]

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What Are You Afraid Of?

The wind howls, rushing in from every direction. As the rain pelts you in the face, you furiously wipe your eyes trying to maintain direction. You’re battling the storm. The fear within. The sea is angry and the waves begin breaking over the bow. Your vessel begins taking on water as the intensity of the squall rises. It feels like God is asleep. He’s left you to drown. Through your fear and desperation you cry out, “God, Do you care […]

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Tuck in Your Cape Superman

There’s an innate quality within little children that speaks volumes about the condition of the human heart: little boys want to be superheroes and little girls want to be princesses.Ā And if we’re honest, it doesn’t go away as we grow up–we just put on different costumes. As a speaker, I find myself wanting to be compared to the Titans in the field: Ziglar, Maxwell, Andrews We rank ourselves in tennis leagues, we compare how many friends we have on Facebook […]

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