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The Robert D on Redefine Rich [Podcast]

The Live Richly Spotlight, Episode 2: Robert D. Smith SEE BELOW FOR A CHANCE AT A FREE SIGNED COPY OF ROBERT’S BOOK Known simply as “The Robert D”, Robert D. Smith is a brand specialist, artist manager for Andy Andrews, and an author. His book 20,000 Days and Counting: The crash course for mastering your life right now, is a brilliant and energetic testimony to his enthusiasm and passion. I was first introduced to Robert because for the last thirty-four years, he […]

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Stand Alone

As if Middle School isn’t Awkward Enough At eleven years old you’re faced with enough change in your life, the last thing you want is more. However, in addition to the internal challenges, I faced an ominous set of external challenges as I embarked into middle school. D.C. Virgo was a revamped inner city school and despite the fact that there were three other schools closer in proximity, I was bussed nearly eight miles away based on a Board of Education’s decision to […]

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