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Our Longing for Home: A Fresh Take on the Prodigal Son

What if the rich young ruler was the prodigal son? That’s an odd question, especially for those who are familiar with the two Biblical narratives. Believe me, it was odd to me when I felt God press it on my heart during worship this past Sunday. Those steeped in theology are quick to point out that one was a parable while one was a real account. But if you’re willing to follow along with me, I think you’ll find a […]

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What Makes You Rich?

Have you ever wished for a ME translation of the Bible, a convenient, made-for-you version containing footnotes for your life? There’s a peculiar passage found in three of the four gospel accounts which I find particularly puzzling. It’s the kind of passage that, when I read it, I begin squirming in my chair. I feel the uneasiness of the words as I sit in the comfort of my home, sip my Starbucks-roasted blend, tap the keys of my MacBook Air, and answer Facebook comments on my state-of-the-art […]

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