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Learning to be Present

Someone recently asked me how to experience God more fully—more intimately. They said that God felt distant. And life, well, it was a mess. I know that feeling. And while we fear those moments, while those moments make us feel like a bad Christian, I believe those moments provide us with a unique opportunity to truly encounter something divine. Those moments provide us an opportunity to be present. The question is, will we make that choice? My Greatest Struggle As a […]

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The Permission to Press Pause

Over the weekend, my son’s disobedience prompted the internal thought, life was so much easier before we had kids. It sounded like the volume of my son’s screams were directly tied to volume of this internal notion, and both were shouting. His actions certainly justified my thoughts. To think, he was throwing such a fit over the fact that his car seat didn’t allow enough leg room for him to stretch his feet out. How childish. Yet, in the midst of the chaos, […]

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