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Billy Graham is Dead. Evangelism Isn’t.

This week, we celebrated the passing of a man known affectionately as “America’s pastor”. Billy Graham was one of the most prominent figures of this generation, and I would argue that he bridged the gap between religion, politics and popular culture better than anyone in history. But there are others who would disagree. In fact, a scathing article ran in Rolling Stone calling him a “shameless sycophant” and credited him with “transforming evangelical Christianity into a patriotic corporate entity”. Opinions […]

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Questions for Daddy: Sharing the Gospel With Your Children

The conversation started with frustration as MJ, my three-year old, complained, “Why can’t Mommy put me to bed?” “Because buddy, she’s downstairs resting.” “But I don’t want you to put me down Daddy!”  His 3-year-old temper was on the verge of a meltdown. My reply was probably a little harsh. “Well buddy, there are some little boys that don’t have a daddy, so we need to be thankful that we can spend some time together before we go to sleep.” […]

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