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You Can’t Spell Relationship without R-E-S-T

Over the past few weeks, I have found myself navigating a tension. Since leaving my career to step into full-time ministry with our organization, YouPrint, my schedule has been busy. Between meetings, our radio show expansion and corporate engagements, my time has been filled. But beneath the full schedule is a lurking emptiness. This weekend, as I was spending some time alone at the beach preparing for my sermon, I felt God say, “Don’t become so busy with this stuff […]

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From Peter’s Perspective | A Fresh Approach to God’s Word

“I wonder where Jesus is?” The thought crossed my mind as I tried to hold the oar steady against the beating waves. It was unusually rough on the Sea of Galilee and we were working just to stay afloat. Then again, my mind felt a lot like the sea—in turmoil. Our brother, John the Baptist, was just beheaded and it caused all of us to become concerned. Will our fate be the same as his? As I wrestled these questions, […]

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