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The State of Your Union

I woke up this morning, as I do most mornings, and read through the trending news on Facebook. Now I’m not sure how accurate it is given that Facebook controls who sees what, but these are the headlines I saw: SNOOP DOGG: DONALD TRUMP A RECKLESS MOTHER______ POKEMON GO REALLY DISTRACTS DRIVERS As I read through, it really begged the question: “Don’t we have better things to talk about?” Have we really resorted to chasing invisible creatures in our cars with our […]

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Watch Out For The Thorns

Imagine with me a sapling that takes root in fertile soil. Someday, it will become a beautiful oak with branches spreading forth to provide shelter and shade. However, beside this sapling grows a vine, full of thorns. As the sapling sprouts forth from the earth, the vine reaches for its trunk and takes hold. The two begin to grow together. At first, the sapling isn’t affected as the vine slithers its way around and around, meticulously executing its plan. But, as the […]

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