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Fanning the Flame of Hope Within

Too often, this time of the year brings about a busyness that is unparalleled. In a furious rush we pace about trying to put a proverbial bow on our year. If your holiday season is anything like mine, there’s an interesting progression that takes place as the days count down: Select the perfect tree, put up all of the decorations as Christmas music fills the air with nostalgia, take pictures of the kids with Santa, creatively relocate the Elf of […]

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Tuck in Your Cape Superman

There’s an innate quality within little children that speaks volumes about the condition of the human heart: little boys want to be superheroes and little girls want to be princesses. And if we’re honest, it doesn’t go away as we grow up–we just put on different costumes. As a speaker, I find myself wanting to be compared to the Titans in the field: Ziglar, Maxwell, Andrews We rank ourselves in tennis leagues, we compare how many friends we have on Facebook […]

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What Star Wars Taught Me About Redefining Rich

An excerpt from my book Redefine Rich “Having grown up in the 1980s, I can’t help but have an affinity for Star Wars. George Lucas’ epic trilogy and latter Prequel trilogy changed popular culture and the future of blockbuster films. It’s not surprising that the film series ranks among the top grossing of all time and even have a day dedicated to their legacy: May 4th. These films set up a great battle in our minds, good versus evil, light versus […]

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