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The Abundance of God

For the past six months, I have encountered the number 66 on almost a daily basis. Initially, I was scared that it meant something terrible was going to happen to me or to my family because the number 666 is associated with evil. But I calmed my initial fears, stopped living in my head, and began paying attention. Without fail, the number continued to reveal itself in my life. My cell phone battery would continually stay at 66 percent. The […]

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I am a Pastor

A man once approached me after a speaking engagement and asked, “So how long have you been a pastor?” “Oh, I’m not a pastor,” I quickly replied. I even threw in a chuckle as an attempt to further dismiss the absurdity of his suggestion. “You’re not?” He paused and tilted his head ever-so-slightly, locking his eyes with mine. “No, I’m not.” I repeated assertively. “Well,” he said with a smile, “keep listening.” That conversation has replayed in my mind like a broken […]

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