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What Taylor Swift’s New Song is Really Saying

I’m not sure if this is ok to admit, but I’m a thirty-five-year-old father of four and I just watched Taylor Swift’s new single and animated music video, “Look What You Made Me Do.” But, there you have it. And I’ll be honest, as a fan of music and a kid who grew up in the pop culture era, I was a bit uneasy after watching it. Why? Because I immediately saw history repeating itself—maybe. Much like Elvis Presley, Michael […]

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How Am I Supposed to Know My Calling?

How am I supposed to know what my calling is? I get this question all of the time and, for whatever reason, many times this week. As I thought about it, I was reminded of a story: Earlier this year, Liz and I made a trip to The City by the Bay, San Francisco. One day, as we made our way through Union Square, there was a man. His blue hooded sweatshirt hid the distinction of his face as he […]

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Have Your Dreams Died?

Have you ever been called out about your passions? Has someone ever questioned your dreams? If not, you’re probably not dreaming. That’s understandable—and not uncommon. Maybe somewhere in your past, someone or something hurt you so badly that you’ve forgotten how to dream. If you’ve allowed others’ judgment to take root within you and paralyze you with fear; Please – take heart. My 3-year old reminded me this week about why we dream in the first place. I occasionally play […]

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