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You Can’t Hug Pictures | A Few Encouraging Thoughts for Mother’s Day

I miss her. I could selfishly say that I miss her carrot cake, her chicken and rice, or her homemade sugar biscuits, but truthfully, I miss her. And of all the things I could miss, what I miss most is her unshakable confidence in her convictions. We used to joke that Grandma Ham could stare at a menu for ten minutes without making a decision on what to eat. When it came to her faith, however, she knew exactly what […]

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To All The Mothers

Mother’s Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate and cherish the women in our life. And sometimes the word “mother” goes beyond the one who carried us in the womb. In my own life, mothers have come in great variety. I have been blessed beyond measure with many women who have shown me the varying shades of love. But too often, I unintentionally take these mothers for granted and overlook how much they have shaped and influenced my life. […]

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