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A Mom of Four and Her Road to Recovery

My wife, Liz, is an amazing mom to our four children. We’ve walked through a challenging season with her health that has proven to be both humbling and empowering. As you read her story, we hope it will be both humbling and empowering for you as well. In the fall of 2011, I gave birth to identical twins boys. Despite being born six-weeks early, each weighed six pounds. I knew that pregnancy had done a number on my body, but […]

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What My Mom Taught Me About Being Rich

For those of you who have children, what do you remember about bringing them home from the hospital? For some, the memories are fresh. Others are in the middle of the journey now. Yet for some, it is a cherished moment you hate to admit was long ago–although you remember it better than you remember yesterday. The emotions are raw and new. The sleep is limited, at best, but your heart is full. Days seem like weeks, and weeks seem […]

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