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Jon Stolpe on Redefine Rich

Click here to listen to more episodes of Redefine Rich Leave us a review on iTunes and spread the word about Redefine Rich Who is Jon Stolpe? I’m so glad you asked. In a recent survey, many of you said that you wanted to hear from normal people living a rich life. Not that our other guests are abnormal, but I think I know what you meant. Culturally we believe that celebrities, best-selling authors, and well-known individuals are somehow different from you […]

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No Place to Hide: Dr. W. Lee Warren on Redefine Rich [Podcast]

Live Richly Spotlight 3: Dr. W. Lee Warren COMMENT BELOW AND SHARE THIS EPISODE TO SOCIAL MEDIA FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A SIGNED COPY OF LEE’S BOOK NO PLACE TO HIDE Grab some tissues. Today’s episode with Dr. W. Lee Warren is incredibly inspiring. I first met Lee when I guest posted with Jeff Goins back in June. From there, Lee and I have exchanged conversations and have quickly become great acquaintances. Dr. W. Lee Warren is a Christ-follower, […]

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The Robert D on Redefine Rich [Podcast]

The Live Richly Spotlight, Episode 2: Robert D. Smith SEE BELOW FOR A CHANCE AT A FREE SIGNED COPY OF ROBERT’S BOOK Known simply as “The Robert D”, Robert D. Smith is a brand specialist, artist manager for Andy Andrews, and an author. His book 20,000 Days and Counting: The crash course for mastering your life right now, is a brilliant and energetic testimony to his enthusiasm and passion. I was first introduced to Robert because for the last thirty-four years, he […]

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