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4 Keys to Gain Wisdom as a Parent

One of my personal challenges this year is to ask others how I can help them. I’m not assuming my helpfulness, I’m forcing myself to be intentional. The other day, I posed the question to a friend who is expecting his second child. Without hesitation he said, “Pray for wisdom as a father.” The request rested heavy on my soul. Fatherly wisdom is a prayer I say often because I feel like I struggle with it. As I considered his […]

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Building Your Home

A lot of people tell me that the Bible isn’t applicable today, that somehow these words have survived thousands of years, yet remain ineffective. Today, I want to give you a glimpse into how the words have drastically impacted my world recently. One habit I have begun is reading a chapter from Proverbs each morning. As I rise early to greet the blessing of a new day, I long for the wisdom penned generations ago. The timelessness and truth of […]

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