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The Power of a RICH Life

The word rich is a cornerstone word in American culture. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are in our blood. But somewhere along the way, our pursuits have become tarnished with a narrow view of wealth. We have learned to believe that being rich only has to do with money. Here’s a news flash: big houses, fancy cars, and extravagant tastes don’t make you rich. Some of the poorest people in the world are those whose bank accounts are full, but their hearts are empty. I was […]

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What’s the Point of This Anyway? A Story of Hope

When I started writing, it was simply a feeling, a decision to create a discipline in response to something within urging me to begin. I was never sure of the outcome. At times, I’ve wondered what’s the point of it all of it anyway?  The pressures of fatherhood and business ownership leave me scrambling to get it all done. In the middle of the doing it’s easy to lose heart. However, there are moments that light my path. These moments encourage […]

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